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There is an art to selling and buying the perfect home. Over the years, we have spend countless hours studying the psychology of how people make one of the most important decisions of their lives. Together, we have taken that training and created a powerful marketing system that has helped over a thousand families buy and sell their homes. The key is very simple: do what is best for my client. Your decision to choose one home or another comes down to emotion, as will the buyer who is interested in purchasing the home you are ready to transition out of.

That is where we really shine! W
e help you create the perfect environment that allows buyers to feel the home. They see their daughter coming down the stairs for prom and their last child backing out of the driveway alone for the first time. They envision their family making those great memories in the home that you once fell in love with. First steps. First puppy kisses. Last hugs before a first day on the job. It’s home, but it’s also more! It’s a long-term investment that requires appropriate marketing and research before being put on the market or making an offer; if you have not found a home that makes you feel like you are home, then it’s time to get you where you belong.  And for all the flowery talk here, we’re really got that down to a science. 

We do that in three parts:

Selling Your Home:

Working together with you as our guide, we prepare your home for professional photos and aerial photography when appropriate. We help you stage your home to showcase why you fell in love with it in the first place. Was it the park nearby? The scenic views? The safety of being near public service buildings?

Unparalleled honesty, decades of Phoenix valley experience, creative solutions, exceptional technology and marketing analytics are your new assets when we’re representing your investment and your family.

Good ol’ fashion open houses; I know they seem dated with all of the technology available today, but I get direct feedback which I can implement at a very quantifiable level when I market your home digitally. Analytics are great (and we have a Marketing Agency for that) but the looks on your buyers faces and the excitement or dismay will speak volumes in ways that numbers do not.

Marketing Analytics: 

We’ve teamed up with the women at Work Spouse Consulting, LLC (WSC) here in Phoenix, AZ who specialize in telling us exactly where your home viewers have found your home, how long they have spent viewing your home online, whether they emailed a link to family, shared it on a social media platform, how long they spend every time they look at it again if they sneezed while looking. Okay, just kidding about that last part, but we get a lot of information. These details can mean tens of thousands of dollars when it’s time to accept an offer when selling your home because. We’ll know just how emotionally invested they are in your home and it’s purchase. 

Buying Your New Home:

This one is really easy. We listen! But we don’t just listen, we offer you perspective to make decisions based on a cost – benefit analysis. Example:

  • Energy efficiency considerations – what could hundreds of dollars a month in savings mean to you?
  • Commute times – time equals money, especially if you are paying for daycare to sit in a car
  • School ratings – Lets face it, location matters when it comes to your children
  • Resale Potential – Some day you will move, what will it look like then?

Once we learn more about what will work for you and your lifestyle, we usually know exactly where the homes are that you envision, be it certain architectural features, a particular school district or walkability to parks. Our years of experience in helping hundreds of families choose that perfect Phoenix area and then the perfect new home are here at your disposal.

You have an entire team of Realtors when you work with the Jimenez team. We are Leon & Adriana Jimenez, but we are also Kelley Thatcher, the entire HomeSmart family and Kendra E.J. Woodruff from WSC.

If you want the highest level of service with integrity, then let’s talk. We’re not going to try to “sell” you; we’re hear to answer any questions you have. We will help you make the most informed decision available to you and when you are ready, we’ll take you to the next phase in your life.  We believe you’ll appreciate our sincerity and dedication to your priorities; allow us to represent your next home experience. 

Adriana Jimenez

Adriana Jimenez



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Leon Jimenez

Leon Jimenez



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