Selling Your Phoenix Home

Selling Your Phoenix Home Marketing

Selling your Phoenix, AZ home with a realtor can be stressful time in your life. Considering that it’s likely your largest investment, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

My wife, Adriana and I have been in the real estate business for over 17 years and have sold through many market cycles. We have also been fortunate enough to be in the top 5% of realtors in the nation in the number of units sold. That has given us the prospective required to know what is happening in your area to price your home as aggressively as we can while still being sensitive to your goals.

We know that that a strong online presence is vital to selling  your home for top dollar and that reflects in any project we put our names on.

• Professional Photography

• Aerial Photography

• Social Media Advertising

• Videos

All are important to your ideal home buyer in an increasingly visually stimulating digital world. You have to be on the forefront of Phoenix valley real estate trends with your finger on the pulse rate of the national market trends. Everyone is on Realtor, Zillow, Trulia… you’ve even been looking yourself, right? They pull from MLS, but that’s not enough anymore. It’s now crucial that you are on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter and getting that advantage over the competition.

We have enlisted the services of an outstanding web and social media expert to keep us on the cutting edge of marketing trends. So, what can you be considering while deciding on a realtor for your home sale?

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Selling Your Phoenix Home With An Experienced, Full-Time Realtor

We are actually here for you and your family, not just our own bottom line. We’ve worked hard for our reputation and can enjoy the luxury of serving any home buyers or sellers in the Phoenix, AZ area. If the home you have is outside the Phoenix metro area, we can help you look for the perfect Realtor who shares our values, principals and expertise… a Realtor with proven experience that is not going to hand you off to a junior team member. We look for professionals that are already successful in their markets, closing at least three listings a month and can still give you that personal touch that can make all the difference.

Trust the Realtor you work with so you can listen to and implement their plan for your home. Here are some things to look for:

Selling and Moving in Phoenix – Timing

It is important to know that you can purchase or rent your next home before you sell the one you are in. Get prequalified by a home lender so you don’t end up without a place to live.  Know that the new home will address the reason you are choosing to move. Do your research before you list your home.  If timing does not prove ideal, we always have a backup plan for you. For example, Adriana and I have had prospective listing hold off closings until we were able to make sure they had a seamless transition into another home.

No Pre-Sale Renovations Without Consulting A Realtor

I have seen some costly mistakes made by people listing their homes, from ill-planned renovations to all new furniture. My rule is if there is not a good positive return on investment from a home improvement (fresh paint is great!), don’t do it.  We have seen sellers put in a pool or enclose a garage to get more money for their home and lose tens of thousands and even lower the value of their home. Different markets call for different strategies. In a slow market, you are competing with all your neighbors and your home must stand out. In a sellers market, you can get away with less investment in pre sale improvements. Talk to us, we may be able to save you thousands.

Selling Your Phoenix Home – Curb Appeal

The decision to choose your home is emotionally made and then logically justified. You want to make sure that you allow the goosebumps to happen curbside and continue throughout your home. I have had buyers pull up to a home and say no before ever entering.  You don’t have to break the bank to maximize your curb appeal.  Trim the bushes and trees or roll out sod. Get rid of the weeds and cut the grass. Find a place for toys ( boats, bikes, quads etc ).  Wash your windows and clean ant oil stains from your driveway. A couple of topiaries or a few flower beds go a long way.

Stage Your Home For Success

Take a look at large builders model homes. They are not jammed packed with big furniture and knickknacks. They are open and bright and give the illusion space.  You are going to pack anyway, start now and pack the things that will stop the goosebumps. Go check out a few model homes and see what we mean. When in doubt, pack it up and get it out.

Many realtors like to put out the big binder of data on you counter hoping to impress you. Don’t do it. If you give some people data, they will take it and all emotions stop and the magic is gone.  No flyers or data books should ever be out. They will have time for that research during the inspection period. That’s what your MLS listing is for.

Open up the windows and let the light in. Dark homes are thought to be gloomy and unappealing.  The budget minded tend to push back on this opting to save a couple of dollars on the utility bills and forgoing thousands in perceived value.

Take down most of your personal photos and anything that can get in the way of the buyer picturing themselves in your home.  Clean off shelves and pot shelves of amongst everything. Clean off countertop in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The Smell Can Kill The Deal

This is often one of the hardest conversations we’ve had to have with our clients that other Realtors don’t have at all, but we’re not here to fluff your ego. We’re here to help you move with the most funds available for your next dream home.

When you live with an unpleasant odor long enough, your nose no longer can register it; it’s a form of desensitization. A strong realtor will tell you that the pet, food, tobacco, or teenager odors need to be addressed. There are ways to get rid of smells and are very important to get the highest value for your home. (It is also very important avoid cooking foods that add to the problem, so no onions or curries before a showing. Cookies, on the other hand…)

Showing Your Home – Pets

This is one that I have a lot of trouble talking about. Adriana and I have three jolly, loud and friendly dogs. We are huge animal lovers and hate to tell people to put their furry family members away. The fact of the matter is that not everyone loves your pets and a barking dog will stop the emotional process as quick as anything. I have had some clients refuse to enter a home with a very small dog.

Selling Home – How Much Cleaning Do I Need To Do?

Listing your home can be a pain and keeping your home looking it’s best can be a challenge. You should make your beds, pick up clothing, wash the dishes and check that the toilets are flushed (yes, unflushed toilets are found in homes all the time.) People will be looking throughout your home and a pair of underwear on the floor can make your home memorable in a bad way.

Selling My Home – Do I Need To Use A Lockbox?

There are so many realtors that have tight schedules or work part time. You need to make the home easy to see.

Try To Detach Yourself From The Home

You’re SellingYour home is very often a point of pride and when people are critical of your home in any way, you can’t help but be insulted.  Our mutual goal should be for you to move on to your new home and our advice will be respectful and insightful. Your old home is the buyers dream home; keeping it positive can save you lots of money in requested repairs and aggravation. The last thing you need is a conflict.

Is For Sale By Owner Worth It?

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