Yes, even for an experienced new home real estate agent, that was a cheesy way to get your attention, but as a former new home realtor working for the Phoenix, AZ home builders, I was amazed at how often new home buyers would walk into my little model home garage office completely unrepresented. Would you go to court without a lawyer? Nope, in fact, in many cases, they won’t even let you. You are making the the largest investment of your life, and if you are building a new home, you likely are planning to stay in that new home longer than the average Phoenix homeowner. It will cost you nothing, but will cost you dearly if not represented by your new home build realtor on your very first contact to the sales office.

Upgrades on new homes add up fast. Premium lots are often sold out on the very first day of release. Who is going to call the new home sales office for you every day (and maybe sweet talk with a Starbucks Monday morning to get a little wink about coming by the model home office on Wednesday at 10a, wink wink wink) Are you willing to stalk these new home sales representatives? Are you comfortable challenging the price of the upgrades you are seeking or negotiating a design center credit in order to go to contract?

Because I am! Oh boy, do I love it, too. I was a Phoenix, AZ new home builder Realtor and I know what works, and which home builders have the most wiggle room and where. Let’s look a little deeper:

The Seller/Builder Pays The Realtor Costs

And no, they don’t pass savings on to you if you choose not to be represented. Builders need realtor partners to survive and almost always make sure there is no disadvantage to using a relator.

The New Home Builder Agent Works For The Builder, Not For You

Though the builder agents are well trained to keep you happy throughout the buying process, their agency is with the builder. They have the obligation to consider the builder’s bottom line, not yours. In my years as a new home sales agent, the vast majority of sales have been at full asking price when there was room to negotiate.

A Realtor Will Know Which Builders Build A Good Product

…and which don’t.Builders vary widely on quality and included features. An experienced Realtor will know who is putting out a good product and who is just barley keeping above industry minimums. I have worked for many builders and they have incredibly different approaches to the market. Some value long term relationships and others are happy to sell you one home. The builder that wants you business for life will treat you fairly and will ask for your feedback at keys points throughout the building process. This keeps all the builder employees working hard to keep you happy.  The one and done builders never ask you for input and the employees are paid for volume, not your happiness. There is an incredible difference in your home and build experience. 

Your Realtor Will Know If They Can Negotiate

…and how.There are times in the market when builders will not come down a penny and others when there can be tens of thousands to be saved on a home.  Knowing the market and the builder can save you thousands on your home.  Phoenix new home builders have to answer to investors just like any company, and knowing when the fiscal year end for the builder can save you big! Almost all builders bonus management on closed homes. If you time your offer to coincide with month end, quarter end, or year end, they will make deals to meet their goals.  Offers that would have been laughed at at the beginning of the month are often excepted at month end and if you time it to make year end goal, there could be big savings.

A top end realtor will know to negotiate with an option budget.  The biggest return builders get is on options you choose.  If you make an offer to have $10000 in options it will only cost the builder $6000 to $7500 and it will not effect the value of future sales in the neighborhood.

Your New Home Realtor Can Tell You What Options Make Financial Sense

Options represent the highest return for most new home builders. Knowing what to upgrade and what to DIY or hire our later can save you thousands. You may be able to get that option for a fraction of the value after close (Kitchen tile backsplash) and there are others that you’ll wish you had done (structural upgrades, like 8ft doors or the multi-pane slider).  Having been though hundreds of new home sales gives you a value feel for what makes sense. Years as a Realtor gives you prospective on what choices will net you the most when it comes to selling your home. Being the Phoenix Home Guru didn’t happen overnight, and neither should your new home purchase choice.

An Experienced Realtor Can Give You Precise Neighborhood Values

Is the new home you’re looking at priced for the area, don’t trust online estimates. Have your realtor pull the real data and make sure you are not getting into a home that may be hard to sell.

Your Phoenix, AZ New Home Realtor Can Match Your Lifestyle To The Builder

In the end, it’s all about your day to day life and how this home will help or hinder it.  Getting you closer to work, in a good school district, close to the hobbies and people that give life its meaning.  It takes an agent on your side to give you a big picture and find you that perfect neighborhood and the best new home builder.

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

…you need someone on your side.In almost every build, problems will arise and having a new home realtor in your corner to guide you and go to bat for you can make a big difference.  Often what seems like a big deal is a normal part of the build process other times what seems small may need to be addressed or even a disaster (missing those 8ft doors at framing).

Substantial Discounts On The Sale Of Your Home

We offer a multiple home discount.  Save thousands on the cost of selling your home and let me work my Guru magic (yes, there is the cheese again!) to seamlessly time the two and help you avoid the dreaded double mortgage payment.

Paperwork Help, From Lending To Title

Buying a new home is very different than buying and existing home. The contract lender and title company are often tied to the builder and navigating through the process is a very valuable service.  Did you know that you can negotiate lender fees and interest rates.


You are still reading. I bet you already have a neighborhood staked out already. Don’t be shy, send me a quick email or call and let’s just stalk them a little bit to see what it will take to get you home.

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